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Author Sandurr
Date of release Final - January 2, 2005
.bsp filename theyrhungry, theyrhungry2


The map is about a sheriff who has a lab, he was researching about the undead, and created his own zombies, he turned into a zombie himself, and is now the leader of the zombie race… Your mission is to get into the house and get to him as soon as possible, though, you will have to kill all zombies to be sure they can't spread… But be careful, mafia grunts not knowing that there are zombies are still guarding the front garden of the house…

Additional info

This map includes:

  • 2 secrets
  • 2 traps
  • 10 special effects (Hint: 3 in bathroom)
  • 3 shortcuts
  • A lot new sounds (including a music sound for the end)
  • Custom Weapon Models (HL2 Pistol, MP5, Shotgun, Magnum)
  • New Zombie Models
  • New Headcrab models
  • Mafia Grunts

The map requires 2 people at least to play, to get over the fence at the first garden. If you are testing alone, you can always put sv_gravity on 400, and open the shortcut, then put gravity back to 800 again.

Also, please report bugs, and, in map2 there are metal bars on the ground, please don't misunderstand it as a hole.

Everything in this map is self-made and looks a lot like They Hunger.

Additional credits

  • <- beta testing
  • TMA
  • de_piranesi (tree model)
  • They Hunger (for permission to use their textures/models/sounds)
  • Shrike+Lonewolf (Custom Weapon Model)
  • Retr0 (Custom Weapon Model)
  • Garompa (edit & fixes v2)
  • Soul Slayer (M16 custom model)
  • xlvxro (5.56 drum magazine)
  • Vasht (deagle model)
  • Sh1fty (deagle textures)
  • Tactical Ops team (deagle scope, w_ model and p_ model)



2005 city co-oprequired community-edit difficulty:medium rcbot scary secrets series size:medium traps walkthrough zombies

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