Author Monkey Knuckles
Date of release Final - October 18, 2009
.bsp filename sc_titans


This is an adaptation of the superb Quake level House of the Titans in the series named "Anno Dommini 1492" by Mark Shan.

According to Mark Shan's readme file for the series and as posted on his website (markshan.com) "Non-commercial level authors
are free to use portions or ideas from this unit as a basis for other levels. The map source file is included in 1492.zip file: everybody
can use it for building additional non-commercial levels. "

I tried contacting him but the email given for him is inactive.

Since Quake II is mostly compatible with Hammer, I converted Mark Shan's released source code directly into Sven Coop 4.0.

I had to make conversions on textures and music. But all credit on the architecture and textures goes Mark Shan.
Minor tweaks have been made to brush alignment and a few small additions for secrets have been added.

I made a decision not to use any Quake textures or models so I replaced them with substitutes. This turned out to be only a small amount of
textures such as metal, platforms, grass etc. that did not affect the overall feel of the map.

Other than that, all textures are those from the original map.

My goal for the map is to have a retro-Quake look with Sven-Coop monsters and weapons.

I eliminated charging stations and replaced them with Sheilds for armour, and Health Boxes for health.

The following models used were made by me.

health1.mdl - replacement for healthkit
armour33.mdl - replacement for battery
duffle5.mdl - replacement for weaponbox
keyblue.mdl - blue key
keyred.mdl - red key

I used the new model replacement files in SC 4.0 to replace the health, battery, and weaponbox.

Additional info


Additional credits

All weapons and npc's are the standard svencoop one's, except for the skull/controller custom model. I have
tried to find out who the author of the flying skull is to mention in the credits but can't find who made it.

Some new SC 4.0 features were used and as such this map won't work correctly on versions of SC lower than 4.0.

Sven the Viking.mp3 by (GIT)r-man




2009 size:medium walkthrough

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