Author kmkz
Date of release April 8, 2021
Last update Aug 21, 2023
.bsp filename torre_wip4_1, torre_wip4_2, torre_wip4_3


A mysterious huge tower appeared from nowhere. Your group gone to explore it and found that the site is more complex than expected. Where will lead this journey?

Additional info

This is a long term project that right now is in development. Expect some bugs and glitches. I plan to add more areas and stuff in the future. Language can be changed in scripts/torre/

If you want to report a bug please give details of the problem you found, so there is a bigger chance to solve it, and faster. Avoid making reports based only on the W00tguy repacker. Is common to have there false positives and things that does not affect the game and i have noticed that people is posting these reports without caring if there is a real problem.

Fix trolling not allowed: there is a group of users that since they are unwilling to take the effort and time to make their own maps instead they mess with other people work adding their custom versions disguised as "fixes", trying in a display of arrogance to impose their own map preferences just to feel they are doing a contribution to the Sven Co-op community. To them i say if you really want to support the community leave other authors in peace and make your own maps.


check credits.txt.


2021 size:medium walkthrough work-in-progress

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