TWHL Tower





TWHL Tower

Project Lead UrbaNebula
Contributors 2muchvideogames, Dr. Orange, JeffMOD, NineTnine, Malle, Tetsu0, Jessie, TJB, The Mad Carrot (The Mighty Atom), Strider
Original map release January 8th, 2016
Date of release April 29th, 2023
.bsp filename twhltower_1, twhltower_2


"They didn't even send a goddamn team over?"

Back in February 2015, a group project was set up at The Whole Half Life (TWHL). Each mapper would be given a set amount of space in order to create a floor in a tower. The gameplay, appearance and story of each floor is unique, decided by the mapper. After a few months, the final maps were sent to Urby, who linked them together, added a start and end map, and the result was TWHL TOWER!

Additional info

The original 13 maps have been merged into 2, and some things had to be altered to function in a multiplayer setting.
The recommended player count is 4 people or less, due to the way the levels are designed and the amount of enemies,
any higher and you'll have trouble moving around and nothing to shoot at. Due to this, Survival Mode is also supported and encouraged.

Additional credits

Known issues

  • Floor 3 (Rebellatrix Media) can lower your performance inconsistently
  • Floor 8 (Time Labs) may bug out when trying to solve the puzzle, though it should still be solvable




2016 2023 conversion featured series size:medium survival walkthrough

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