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Released - 2011
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A very difficult alternative map requiring a high player count. Involves insider jokes and punishment.

Throw the Crowbar:
Throw the Crowbar is one of the many missions in the map. There are a few moving platforms and the player is given a crowbar. The furthest platform to the back has a Baby Shii standing on it in which the player must kill by throwing the provided crowbars at it. There are also Shiis that are standing on the other platforms, but they don't need to be killed. What makes this exceptionally hard is that the Baby Shii is extremely tiny and far away, and getting a direct hit on it with the crowbar is no easy task. The best strategy is just to wait in one particular area and hope you can time your shots correctly. It just takes practice.

Yes or No:
Yes or No is one of the more confusing missions given to the player. There are two breakable walls with tons of HP on both sides of the room named "Yes" and "No", and there is either a question or just a random statement or ascii art depiction on the wall and the player must choose the "right answer" that corresponds to the 'question' by breaking and going through the corresponding wall. The "questions" are so random that it's pretty much a timed guessing game, but from my experience, the answer is usually yes.

Shoot the Duty Guy:
Shoot the Duty Guy is tough if you don't know what to do. The players are all in a spectating room watching as Gamer N (an NPC of Enuze's playermodel) and Gamer T (an NPC of Takedeppo's (a map maker and contributor to the Uboa series) playermodel) fight each other. If Gamer N dies, the players lose, but if Gamer T dies before the timer runs out, the players win. Only thing is that Gamer T has way more health than Gamer N and it's an unfair fight, and the players must intervene by using the camera buttons and clicking on Gamer T, which will damage him.

Defend the Cat:
Defend the Cat is pretty easy with multiple players, but is hard to do solo. Basically, the room has a Bakeneko (a cat-like creature) in the center of the room and the players must protect it as an army of Uribou (black Houndeyes with ascii art faces) try to attack it until the timer runs out. It's pretty simple, but it can get pretty hard at times.

Mayoral Election:
Mayoral Election is another confusing mission that's very similar to Yes or No. There is a goofy ascii art picture depicting a random statement or question in the room, as a "Yes or No" vote shows up asking the question or saying the statement. Like Yes or No, the answer's usually yes but the questions are so random it's pretty much a guessing game.

Browser Crasher:
Browser Crasher is one of the much, much harder Uboa missions. The players are provided with a crowbar to fight a long-lasting army of Emoticons which will attack the player and an annoying overlay will appear to cloud the player's vision every once in a while. Once enough of the Emoticons are killed, the players win the mission.

Destroy the Shii-Chan's House:
Destroy the Shii-Chan's House is an exceptionally difficult mission where the players are sent to a large room full of Shiis and Baby Shiis and there is a cardboard box with 15000 HP that the players are supposed to break with a provided crowbar. The reason it's so hard is because not only of the sheer HP of the "house" and the fact that there are several monsters attacking the players, but also because there is a 60-second time limit.

Boss Battle:
Boss Battle is extremely hard, having the players face a monster with 10k HP with a crowbar. Because of the time limit, it is almost impossible to do. The boss is randomized, it can be the Abababa, the Cloaked Knifer, the Saitama, the Uribou, the Speed Hacker, or the 2D Monster.

Heal the Kuma:
Heal the Kuma is another mission that's tough if you don't know what to do. It's the same scenario as the Shoot the Duty Guy mission, but instead it is the Kuma (a friendly Pedo-Bear) facing against Electro (an extremely fast TFC Civillian, named after a map maker). However, the idea is to keep Kuma alive until the end of the timer instead of killing his opponent. The only way to do this is to use the camera buttons and clicking on the Kuma will slowly heal him.

Patience is actually in my opinion the easiest mission. The players are in a large room with a door and several Shii trying to attack the players and as time goes by more doors begin to appear. To beat the mission, the players must avoid entering any of the doors until the timer runs out. Pretty simple, actually.

Break the Target:
Break the Target is next to impossible to beat. There are several squares that the players must break by throwing provided crowbars at them. However, there are multiple SIN Punishers on platforms blocking the way, and if the players hit one, they fail.

Break the Wall:
Break the Wall is fairly easy with more than one player, but solo it is much trickier. The player is in a large room with multiple Saitama and a crowbar. The player must find the breakable wall and destroy it with the crowbar which is very hard to find whilst not trying to get killed by the Saitama. The ideal method is to have one or two players distracting the Saitama as another crowbars each side of the wall until they find the right one and break it.

Toss the Weapon:
The players start off in a medium room with a Saitama, but there is a hole in one of the walls where one of the players must jump through it to obtain a crowbar and then throw it back so the other players can defeat Saitama. It's pretty easy to do, but the time limit makes it difficult.

Find the Cloaker:
Find the Cloaker is a simple but extremely hard mission. The players are provided with a crowbar and must find a 2D Monster who's hiding inside of a pitch-black room and kill him before the timer runs out, which is much easier said than done. An annoying overlay also appears every so often to distract the players and disorient them from finding the "Cloaker" again.

Push the Button:
The players are inside of a large room with several Saitama and two buttons. The players must gather up on each button and repeatedly press both od them at the same time until they win the mission.

Pitfall is difficult if the players don't know what they are supposed to do, but if they know what to do, it's a piece of cake. Basically, the players are trapped in a medium sized room as a Speed Hacker (a TFC Spy that can go at exceptional speeds) tries to kill the players and there is a grid-shaped trap-door in the center of the room and a button that will temporarily open it, revealing a deadly pit and the players must use this pit to kill the Speed Hacker. The best method is to have one player lure the Speed Hacker onto the trap-door while the other presses the button on queue to kill the Speed Hacker.

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