Ultimate Attack





Ultimate Attack

Author P@TRIOT
Original mod release June 26, 2004
Date of release December 9, 2019
Last update v1.2 - May 16, 2020
.bsp filename ss0a0 (+17 maps)


You are Agent David Johnson, a Black Ops operative in the SC Institute's Cleanup Division.
After coming back from a successful mission at a secret military research complex in Area 69, the Boss has assigned you in the coverup of a large scale accident known as the Black Mesa Incident, said to have been caused by a physical anomaly referred to as a resonance cascade.

As you make your way through the research facility, you find yourself in the wake of fierce conflict between HECU military forces and otherwordly creatures. It's up to you to put an end to both and see to it that the nuclear payload is successfully delivered, that this catastrophe is lost to the pages of time…

Hopefully if you make it out of this alive you'll get a large sum of money at the end of this and finally go on that long awaited vacation to Sven's Holiday Island Resort!

Additional info

This is a ripent conversion of the original Half-Life mod ported to Sven Co-op. Because of the limitations on the bsp size for Half-Life and the map transitions in Sven Co-op, the levels are brief and feel like a "loading simulator". There is no way around this other than to merge the bsps together which is almost impossible without the sourcemaps.
Antirush feature has been implemented to ensure the levels are not completed in half a minute to allow players to explore the maps at their own leisure.

Known Issues

  • Some places in the maps are rendered null where they are clearly visible to the player, likely since the original mod was not playtested. This cannot be fixed without the source maps.

Additional credits

Special thanks to:

  • H2, CubeMath and Neo for the scripts
  • Garompa for model fixes and bug reporting



2004 black-mesa conversion series size:large survival walkthrough xen

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