Author Ub-Oh
Original mod release 3 June, 2021
Date of release 20 June, 2021
.bsp filename hl_u12 (+ 14 maps)


Uplinked is a series of eleven maps (SC 14 + hl_c12 vote) that aims to be an extension to "Forget About Freeman!".
Uplinked takes place between the original maps,
hence it can be started from "Forget About Freeman!" or "Black Mesa Inbound" like the original game.
The general premise is the same as the Half-Life demo, Uplink
(tune the transmitter to gain access to Lambda Complex).
Locations vary from Uplink or Half-Life Alpha inspired to completely original ones.
Be aware that Uplinked has more puzzles compared to the original game,
therefore might require more thinking.

My main goal in creation of Uplinked was to offer a unique gameplay…
experience while creating a chapter that is like it was part of the original game.

Additional info

Map pack contains a replacement hl_c11_a5 cfg file configured to run a script that will allow a vote to choose the next level to start with this campaign or continue the original level.
This can be overriden to change the transition directly to the start of this campaign: open hl_c11_a5.cfg included with the mappack, and change "as_command uplinked_voteskip" to 1

as_command uplinked_voteskip 1

This will automatically change the level from hl_c11_a5 to hl_u12 instead of being selected via vote.

Visit and support the original MOD playing it.

Additional credits

Sven Co-op Conversion By: Mikk


  • AlexCorruptor
  • noi

Special Thanks to:

  • Gaftherman
  • Outerbeast
  • Cubemath
  • W00tguy

And the creator Ub-Oh




2021 black-mesa conversion series size:large walkthrough

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