USS Dark Star (Merged)





USS Dark Star (Merged)

Author Neil Manke, (Merged by kalo22)
Date of release Final - March 3, 2024
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Merged and ripented version of

Additional info

To: Mr. Walter Bennett
From: Dr. Einar Saukas
Subject: Offer of Employment

Dear Mr. Walter Bennett,

Black Widow Inc. would like to invite you to join our organization. You would be assigned as a member of the multi-disciplinary scientific team on board of the USS DARKSTAR, in a zoological research expedition to seek out, collect and investigate new alien life-forms in unexplored sectors of the universe.

This mission occurs in the year 2066, but since you have already traveled to the future before, this should not be a problem for you. The space-time window to come to our present time will be available in just a few days, please decide ASAP about your interest in this job opportunity.

You have been selected for this position by Cmdr. Neil Manke due to your broad knowledge on advanced biochemistry and extensive experience interacting with hostile aliens. Your proven capacity to survive under critical conditions was also considered. But actually you don't have anything to worry about, our project is adopting the most rigorous safety measures to prevent incidents. I can personally guarantee everything is under control and none of the crew will be ever submitted to any risk situations whatsoever. This is certainly going to be a calm, quiet and relaxing journey, as you can already predict from the pictures of our impressive spaceship installations at The Black Widow's Lair.

We are looking forward to having you on our team!

Dr. Einar Saukas
Administration Office
Black Widow Inc.

Additional credits

Lymphoid - Original (2004) conversion.
Lossy - (2017) re-conversion.
kalo22 - Merges maps


Merged to 5 maps
Add more enemies and ripent some map function


1999 2004 2017 2024 community-edit conversion escape merged rats series size:large space walkthrough

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