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Author Viger
Date of release v3 - December 25, 2012 (SC 4.7)
v2 - December 24, 2011 (SC 4.6)
Final - December 23, 2003 (SC 3.0)
.bsp filename vger


A figure sits alone in his office, his face shrouded by darkness. The man opens the drawer to his desk and takes out a cancer stick. As he lights it, the phone rings. A deep male voice is heard over the line saying, "Operation Shadow has failed." Cancer man sighs as a frown appears on his face, he then responds, "Operation Thunderstorm is a go." Deep Throat responds with a "yes sir!", but Cancer Man places the phone in it's rest before the message gets through. The dark figure stares at the American flag in his office, he then rises his arm and gives it a soldiers salute.

Within a huge cavern thousands of creatures amass, all of them of different size and colors. All of their attention fixated on the creature in front of them. The creature speaks in a tongue that a human could never understand. the audience hears, "They have trespassed onto our home, and stolen our brethren from us. We must show the Four Limbs that such a thing can't go unpunished. Move fourth my children, teach the four limbs never to enter into our domain." The creatures growl and begin to disappear into balls of energy.

Five figures walk down a corridor, four of them surrounding the one carrying a lifeless man in a white Jacket. The figures have a humanoid form, but that is where the similarities end. Instead of having flesh they have metal plating, four of them being the color of green while the one in the middle is purple. The five some head down a corridor with bodies in many different death positions. Some have blue uniforms, others have white lab coats, while a couple more wear black military uniforms. They pick up on a transmission from the hive mind, asking a question, "Why did they kill my father?" Unfortunately the metallic beings lack the intelligence to answer that question.

In a faintly lighted room, five figures dressed in blue sit around a table. All of them holding up cards and staring at each other. They remain quiet until one of them smiles and laughs, causing the rest of them to follow suit. Suddenly the klaxons flare, a cool calm male voice reports, "Alert! Code red, repeat code red. Communication has been lost with ninety eight percent of complex. All security please report to your stations, this is not a drill." Before they can get up, the place shakes violently as they hear a very close and loud explosion. After brief moment of silence, they can hear motors of vehicles approaching. They run to their lockers quickly donning their vest and holstering their guns, some of them sweating. To them hell has just come and gave a knock at their door.

Additional info

Additional credits

Fortune2 - Sky Texture

Barney99 - Trailblazer Prefab

Special Thanks

Templetion Peck
DuDe - Who keeps changing his sn



2001 community-edit official official-screlease rcbot series size:large svencoop4 walkthrough

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