Author Maverick Developments
Original mod release 2001
Date of release 18 May, 2021
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A western-themed campaign about a sheriff named Rogan who seeks out his long lost brother to enact his revenge for bringing about the destruction of his people and his town.
Fight cowboys, bandits, hillbillys, indians and venomous critters strewn about the wilderness as you embark on an epic journey for the justice of your homeland!

Additional info

  • There are lots of map transitions - recommended playing the campaign with w00tguy's AntiRush plugin for this reason
  • ⚠️Warning: This campaign uses custom weapons. If you have any weapon plugins installed, this can lead to weapon slot conflicts causing weapons to be unselectable. Please ensure you've added this campaign to a blacklist for the plugin(s), or contact the plugin author and report this.

Known Issues

  • Eagle entity is not yet implemented
  • Some human npcs are reskins of stock npcs, which will have issues with some sentences using default instead of overridden ones, animations not working correctly, and certain npcs only restricted to one type of weapon

These issues may be fixed in a future update.

Additional credits

Sven Co-op Conversion

  • Outerbeast - Mapping, additional scripting
  • RedSprend - Monsters and weapons scripts

Special thanks to:-

  • DNIO071 - Sprites (decals and on screen notes)
  • Garompa - medkit syringe model rig and arm reskins
  • Gauna - medkit syringe icon
  • kmkz - Mapping tweaks and fixes
  • R4to0 - Scripting fixes and assistance
  • Neo - Nightvision mode
  • w00tguy123 - bspguy entmapping tool
  • SV BOY - for being an excellent test subject!
  • Playtesters - AlexCorruptor, incognico, SV BOY, Vorinc



2001 2021 conversion series size:large survival total-conversion traps walkthrough

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