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Author Ag3nt-X
Date of release v1.1 - June 30, 2008
v1.0 - May 4, 2008
.bsp filename sc_warcoast


An unknown terrorist group made an assault on the capital city of a small island located in the Middle East. The local Army couldn't stop them and sent a peacekeeper S.O.S, however, the U.S Government intercepted the S.O.S. They had confirmation that the terrorists got a hold of a leaked U.S failed biological experiment. The terrorists are threatening people with the spread of the biological hazard and a nuclear device. The U.S Government decided to send Marines to the place take care of the situation and keep the experiment secrecy. Goose-1 Squad mission is to cut the communications between the Coast Town and the Capital City. Goose-2 Squad mission is to assault the Coast Town and go on foot to the Capital City.

Objectives will be given during the mission.

Additional info

  • Map uses lots of custom content.

Additional credits

Hgrunt Models - Half-Life Improvement Team. (H.I.T).
Hgrunt Camo Textures - Taken from official Sandstone map, by tdw.
Weapon Models - Gearbox, texture edited by Ag3nt-X.
Map prop Models - MarGon, TheDoenerKing, Xenon, Ritual/Turtle Rock Studios, PhillipK, Valve Software.
Sounds - Valve Software, GSC GameWorld (RPG Fire), DaveJ (Earthquake Sound taken from E.T.C).
Map Textures - PhillipK, Hostile Intent Team.
SkyBox - From 'hi_andalus'.

Special Thanks:

Felipe "MDO" Paiva - Providing Support on modeling stuff.
Leonardo "Kilate" Cordeiro - Beta testing and Mapping Support.
Lucas "Nectricks" Miranda - Mapping Support, Prop Models provision and ideas.
MiB (Made in Brasil) - For being a nice Brazilian Mapping community.
TWHL (The Whole Half-Life) - Same.
Fpsbanana - Hosting and Such.
BR_Studios - For being a cool people.
Zurc Team - Mapper's mapping team and friends.



2008 city losable size:medium walkthrough water

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