Letongue Slaughter





Letongue Slaughter

Author Nymph
Date of release 27/05/2022
.bsp filename ze_letonguesc_slaughter_v2


You'll find a gameplay video from YT of this map (thanks to EternalMoonLonely for the video)
Sounds & Weapons doesn't belong to the map!

My 7th map.

The current v1 version of this map is in Spanish. This is an v2 version but there isn't any changes at all, just changed the language settings (game_text entity) to English, removed some human_grunts/monsters and lowered a bit HP monsters

Map is very hard, all the monster have around 1000-3500 HP, team work is required (Co-Op)

So, you start in a simple Labyrinth, you will find 4 box to recharge your armor, use it to recharge your armor, it is limited so you can use it whenever you want, you need to try to find 2 buttons to open a door to get out of the Labyrinth theres many soldiers that are protecting the Labyrinth!

Then you will discover 4 Doors, all of them has powerfull monsters. Starting from 0 to 3, you must open all those to reach the end, last door number is 3, must be destroyed by finding a computer in the door number 2.

Then you will encounter a room with lasers and a lot of shocktropers!

Discover yourself the rest of the map by playing it :D

The final monster its just a simply Kingpin with 5000HP. Kill it to end the map!


2022 co-oprequired difficulty:hard size:medium walkthrough

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