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Author w00tguy123
Date of release Final - June 18, 2012
.bsp filename loz1_forest, loz2_tree


Finally, after like 3 years mapping this on and off, the first (and most likely last) episode is finished. These two maps sport 144 custom sounds, 74 custom models, and a few sprites too!

You start out in the kokiri forest collecting rupees, buying items, and searching for extra lives (all of which carry over to the next level). Then, you enter The Great Deku Tree and break the evil curse bestowed upon him! Link Squad - Go!

You are given 10 lives at the start of each level and there are bonus lives (fairies) hidden throughout the maps. For large groups of players who don’t know what they’re doing, these maps will be challenging at first. For a dedicated group of ~4 players, this should be easy. There must be at least two players to complete this because it takes that many to break the first web in the second map. If you’re alone then just noclip through it.
Read the MOTD if you’re stuck/confused/stupid!

Additional info

Attention Server Owners!
PLEASE turn off xpmod for these maps. You’re only supposed to have 30 health for these levels, not 300. Hearts and the heart container cannot be picked up if your health is too high.
I was able to cap the armor at 0 via ents, but I can’t stop health regeneration. So if you want these maps to have any challenge at all, then turn off xpmod. Most of the monsters have like 10 health anyway, so it’s not like players will be missing out on much exp.

The maps were made using model rips from the Nemu64 emulator. I scaled the models and used the export-to-map feature in Milkshape3D. Since a 5-sided brush is created from each face, it’s very tedious work to simplify the world geometry. The transfer of rupees, lives and items was done using global states, and my binary keyvalue saver/loader.

Fun fact: The entity systems in these maps have gone through 2 major revisions. I started the maps back in SC 3.0, and as 4.0 and 4.6 came out, new entities gradually made everything simpler. The rupee system, for example, went from ~500 to ~5 ents.

The Future:
These maps are essentially eye candy with only somewhat interesting gameplay. It will be fun the first time you play through, but once you reach the end you’ll probably feel like you’ve had enough. For this reason (and because this took a ton of effort) I’ve decided not to continue the series.

Additional credits

Sence — Helped me with animations+entities+errors+testing. It’s nice to have a skilled and active mapper to talk with.

Misfire — Pretty much all of my final testing was done with him on his server. He arranged public tests and also helped me with the res file.

Qwerty — Mapped a big section of Lost Woods. Linked me to tools and resources (ROM debug stuff, fancy music). Gave tons of feedback, ideas, etc. in the early stages of the project.

ZREO (Zelda Reorchestrated) – The cool guys and gals who made the music.

Zelda OOT Community Retexture — Many of the map textures came from here.

HelpTheWretched — Most of the sound effects are from his site.

Nintendo — Victim of copyright infringement.



2012 abandoned boms co-oprequired difficulty:hard fun losable recreation series size:large total-conversion

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