100 KZ Maps

100 KZ Maps

Maps by Multiple authors (Check down below for full credits)
Pack released by SV BOY
Date of release March 22, 2021


A port of 100 KreedZ Parkour maps from Counter Strike 1.6 to Sven Co-op, what else did you expect?


Ported: SV BOY

Play Testers:
The King
Alex Corruptor

If theres (<number>x) right infront of the credit name
Then that means that theres <number> of their maps are featured in this pack

All the mappers that has their maps in this mappack:
Skals, s0liD (9x), timmycakes (4x), FuzZy1 (7x), tranCyfast (6x), jackie engberg, 8ball1, otikz
D@NG3R` (4x), Hypax, TrAzzErZ, Kicius (7x), DragonClawBG, Joulutarina, V@LV3, DefertLeek05
FreNzy! (2x), jaguarBR (3x), JustErroR^ (2x), Z3R0, CiNdOR(3x) , jiumohoo (2x), Reavap (3x), Spider1 (2x)
Lopol2010 (2x), Queen, Yamangel (3x), mb_fish, supper_, Euerfeldi, mls, UASU, KreedZ (2x), Karlitaki
ei-zmei (2x), Perdo, raver, coma, Adrian, FragdiewOwX, 690051933, Commandeer, hangar, sKiTuLjKo
hii ;), dydka (4x), hfour, V!nce, mls, [T]incho

Maps included

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