Case Closed, Project: Guilty, E.T.C. Co-op Map Pack

Case Closed, Project: Guilty, E.T.C. Co-op Map Pack

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Maps by Multiple authors (see maps)
Pack released by Sven Co-op Team
Date of release December 24, 2008


  • Steven "EraSerX" Delrue's popular single-player mod Case Closed , thoroughly reworked, recompiled and rebalanced for co-operative play by Hezus!
  • Project: Guilty: A series of eight large maps featuring incredible visuals and rewarding/unique gameplay. A must-have map pack! Number of players recommended: 3+.
  • DaveJ's critically acclaimed single-player map pack, E.T.C. (Earthquake Test Center), converted to a Sven Co-op mission by Commando.

Maps included

Case Closed
Project: Guilty
Earthquake Test Center

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