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Maps by Yami No Game ULTIMATUM
Pack released by Yami No Game ULTIMATUM
Date of release 30/05/2021
Date of finish 2018-2020
Total of maps 53 maps
Como instalar descomprimir y copiar todo el contenido de la carpeta y moverlo al directorio del juego
How to install unzip and copy all the contents of the folder and move it to the game directory


Un mod donde combina una historia unica, Cry of Fear, Left4dead2, Half life, The Suffering entre otros, combinando sus historias y haciendolo
en uno solo la historia. Trata donde en donde en pleno experimento se cruzan las pesadillas de Simon con el mundo Xen, traendo asi una dificulatades tanto como a Simon y Freeman. El objetivo es destruir el diario de Simon.
English: A mod where it combines a unique story, Cry of Fear, Left4dead2, Half life, The Suffering among others, combining their stories and doing it
in a single story. It deals with where in the middle of the experiment Simon's nightmares intersect with the Xen world, thus bringing difficulties as much as Simon and Freeman. The objective is to destroy Simon's diary.

Maps included

Desastre_1a, etc

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