Habitat Series

Habitat Series

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Maps by HeAdCrAb KILLA
Pack released by Stixsmaster (see release notes)
Date of release March 1, 2009



Explore each individual monsters' habitats in this horde/combat map. In this map you will progress into a different habitat every couple of minutes after the previous. This map is designed to test your skills as well as to develop new ones.


The exploration of alien foes continue in Habitat 2, the continuation of Habitat. Explore each monster's habitats and practice your skills on this horde/combat map. Each set of monster spawns will only deactivate once a new habitat is entered. - Good Luck!

You will encounter each monsters' habitats as in the first but you will also find that each environment is better detailed and more complex than in Habitat. Additionally, you will be able to utilize the use of 2 Security Guards and 4 Ceiling turrets. These entities will provide cover fire as well as save you ammo but use them wisely. Access to a new habitat becomes available 5 minutes after the last is entered.

Additional info


  • Ideal for 1-4 players.
  • Unlike most horde maps, this one DOES end so keep on fighting.
  • Followed by Habitat 2.


  • This map is relatively harder than the first and is suitable for up to 6 players, although a range of 1-4 players is recommended.
  • Unlike most horde maps, this one DOES end so keep on fighting until you make it to the boss. It's worth the wait!
  • Preceded by Habitat.

Maps included

Habitat 2

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