Hezus Full Map Pack

Hezus Full Map Pack

Maps by Hezus
Pack released by Hezus
Date of release 2011 of release


I was sorting out some files and came across my mapping archives. It seemed a good idea to pack up all the maps I've released over the last 10 (omg!) years.

Missing from the list is the Last Stand series. I've left it out so there will be no version mixup with the official Sven Co-op releases in the future. My contributions to community projects arn't in here neither.

I havn't personally tested all these maps on the latest SC version, so I'm not certain all maps will still work (as mentioned, some are 10 years old). I have more unreleased, unfinished stuff gathering dust in my archives. If anyone is interested, I could pack some of it up as well and release it.


Maps included

Aerial Contact
Bridge 2
Central Assault
Garghouse 2k
Hezus Bday
Hezus Tomb
Jail 2
Party 2
Party 3
Save Sven
Scientist Run
Scientist Save
Training Course V3
The Void
Triad Run
Wreckhouse 2
Wreckhouse 3

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