Merged maps

Merged maps

Maps by Multiple authors
Pack released by w00tguy123
Date of release February 5, 2021


Maps merged together with bspguy. When possible, seamless teleports are used to make map series feel like one big map.

These are grouped together in a pack because they all share the same scripts. When I find a bug or update the scripts, it usually affects everything else I've merged. It's easier to update this pack than to update each map page individually.

"dogs_v1 (6)" means the 6 maps in the original series were merged into 1 map named dogs_v1.

Maps included

123456_v1 (6)
101grnt_v1 (3)
adventure_v1 (3)
dogs_v1 (6)
exhale_v2 (9)
monster_v2 (7)
prep_xy_v1 (6)
rhapsody_v1 (3)
rtk_v1 (15)
st2a_v1 (21)
survivor_v2 (4)
toohardmap_v1 (3)
tower_v1 (5)
tututu_v1 (9)
warning_city_v1 (7)
xaxi_v1 (7)


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