Maps by Multiple authors
Pack released by Usually JPolito or Hezus
Date of release Usually added to yearly, began in 2007


Ragemap has been a collaborative community mapping project often on a yearly basis whereby each mapper contributes their own (usually small) unique part. Sometimes there is a common theme, others are not.

This page serves as a listing for all of the ragemap projects that have gone on over the years.

Mappers from varying experience levels are welcome. You can join in on this at the Ragemap Discord.

Maps included

Ragemap (2007)
Ragemap 2012
Ragemap 2016
Ragemap 2018
Ragemap 2019
Ragemap 2020
Ragemap 2021
Ragemap 2022
Ragemap 2023

Maps in progress

Ragemap 2024, probably.

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