SCRPG Mod Map Pack

SCRPG Mod Map Pack

Maps by Beather , enuze , Sence
Pack released by SV BOY
Date of release August 1, 2018


Hello , im SV BOY , did you want to install SCRPG Mod on your server? Good.
Im presenting you "SCRPG Mod Map Pack"

You gonna ask me , why did im make this map pack?
Simply , just to make sure SCRPG Mod is working fine

Theres a Challenges where you need complete map (Example : uboa)
But you cant find it on your game\server
Welp , SCRPG Map pack fixes that problem for you!


This Map Pack created for modification plugin Sven Co-op RPG MOD , a replacement for SCXPM
That means , its useless using this map pack without SCRPG Mod
Map pack is created to download all maps for SCRPG Mod faster , than just finding all maps mannualy
Thank you for reading!
(Images are from maps included in this map pack)


This is not clone of page or spin off of Sven Co-op RPG Map Series
THIS page is Map pack for Sven Co-op RPG MOD , a replacement for SCXPM

Maps included

Breakfree 2
Breakfree 3
Source of Life

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