Sven Co-op Contest Map Pack

Sven Co-op Contest Map Pack

Maps by Multiple authors
Pack released by Sven Co-op Team
Date of release v1: March 13, 2010
v2: September 2, 2010


This map pack contains all entries to the 2009 Sven Co-op Map Contest, excluding Psyko and Dead Simple Neo 2 (included with he Sven Co-op), and Propanic, which will be released in a separate package.

These maps were designed for use with Sven Co-op version 4.07 and above.

Maps included

Mystic Radar (4th place)
Shanghai Harbor
Man's Answer
Gears of War 2
Castle Defence

Note: Psyko (1st place) and Dead Simple Neo 2 (3rd place) were included with version 1 of the map pack, but are now bundled with Sven Co-op 4.5. Propanic won 2nd place in the contest, but wasn't ready to be included in this pack.

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