Sven Co-op Map Pack 1

Sven Co-op Map Pack 1

Maps by Terminator, Killer99, Socrates, Jake Andres, Keen, Rob Lutz
Pack released by Sven Viking
Date of release 2005


Garghunt: This is a simple map: Kill the Gargantua. You spawn on a cliff, mostly protected by a fence, but with openings at either end to drop down on.The only other way down is by stepping on the teleport pad in the respawn area. This is a problem for two reasons: One, there's only a single teleporter; two, the teleporter puts you right next to the Garg. Once down in the main arena, Garg might not notice you at first. This is your chance to grab some weapons. After you blow up the Garg, rush to the rechargers and heal quickly; another Garg will respawn shortly. Happy hunting!.

Gargpit This map is based on Garghunt by Craig Londale (Socrates), this is a larger arena map with another Garg.

Death: This map is similar to the stadium map.

City: The 3 story building is breakable,so watch your fire.

Barney_Beach: Mortars hit randomly on the beach, once you get over the hill, you are safe. There are mines all over the beach.
Go up a ridge behind their base, and duck into a small opening. Look along the wall until you see a vent, go down and you'll drop into a room with ALOT of supplies and a scientist. there is a radio in there which will call in airstrikes against the grunts!. Use it with 'e' or your normal 'use' key.

Maps included in this pack:
BattleZone by Terminator (16/11/99)
City by Killer99 (29/11/99)
Death by Killer99 (21/12/99)
Garghunt by Socrates (28/05/99)
Gargpit by Jake Andres (17/08/99)
Sniper4 by Keen (27/10/99)
Barney_beach by Rob Lutz (06/01/00)
Additional Textures: none

Maps included


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