Agent Zero The Koraa Hunter

Agent Zero The Koraa Hunter

About Me

im just a sven coop fan with 1 dream: became a good mapper to make people happy with he's creations
getting fun and making maps for me are the same, mapping is hard but for me is really funny to do, i started with this
like for design from halo: custom edition, halo 3 and reach forge. i made awesome and horrible maps with their respective
source develpment tools but In sven coop, a really huge community with an awesome valve software modified by the svencoop
team, i finally feel the liberty to do almost anything in my mind located into a map, that's why im doing my best to learn
anything about VHE. I already make a map based on one of my fav childhood games ever! and im just starting.
Take a look of my released maps, for now are pretty basic, but every day i learn something new about the engine
to improve my maps and my skills.
Enjoy and have fun! \( ゜Д ゜) /



Sven Co-op Maps Created

Breakdown Heist
City Rush
Dial "A" for "Arson"

Sven Co-op Maps in Development

I don't show under development maps. its like liyng because i really dont know if i even can advance the idea or concept so i release completely designed maps,
what are subject to changes (bugs, glitches and design errors fix only)

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