Sven Co-op Maps Created

Half-Life Lobby (Requested)
Rust (map lobby) (Requested)
They Hunger Lobby (Requested)
Red Death (Requested, let's say)
Dark Crossfire (Personal project, a part of a mod)
Mana Home (Conversion)
Dark Frenzy (Conversion)

Contributions (in any way)

100 KZ Maps mappack (Testing)
Artifact (Testing)
Arctic Incident (Conversion)
Azure Sheep (Testing)
Base Attack (Testing)
Bootleg Squadrog (Testing)
DAV Train (Testing, optimizations, fixes)
Decay (Testing, support)
Deliverance (Testing)
Die (Ripent Testing)
Dynamic Mapvote (5.21 recompile and optimizations)
Fracture (Ripent Testing, small sound optimizations)
Half-Life: Echoes (Testing)
E. T. F. (Testing, Recompile with optimizations)
The Evasion (Recompile, merge, optimizations, small map edits)
Instinct (Testing)
The Infected (Testing)
Intolerable Thread (Testing)
Prisoned (Testing)
Ragemap 2019 (Creator of the one part, Optimizations on the A map)
Ragemap 2020 (Creator of one of the parts, Small optimizations)
Ragemap 2021 (Creator of one of the parts)
Ragemap 2022 (Creator of one of the parts)
RC's Labyrinth (Testing)
RC's Tower Defense (Testing, Compile and a Video)
Resistance (Testing)
SA13 (Testing)
SecretCity (Ripent Testing)
SecretCity 2 (Ripent Testing)
SecretCity 3 (Ripent Testing)
SecretCity 4 (Ripent Testing)
SecretCity 5 (Ripent Testing)
SecretCity 6 (Ripent Testing)
SecretCity Keen (Ripent Testing)
SecretCity Keen 2 (Ripent Testing)
Shephard's Adventures (Testing)
Tox Surface (Testing)
Tunnel Vision (Testing)
Ultimate Attack (Testing)
Opposing Force: Under the Black Moon (Testing)
Wanted (Testing)

Sven Co-op Maps in Development


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