Hello! i am KiLLeR. I'm play Sven Co-Op since 10 years. I like Robot Grunt in Sven Co-Op. I still play Sven Co-Op.
The reason im here; its just a project. İt name is KiLLeR's Map Project (KMP). KMP, 100 is project that hosts the map.
There are two kinds of game engine in KMP; GoldSource and Source. I'm going to create 100 maps. Just here Sven Co-Op
maps shown of the display. It's just SvenCo-Op I don't create map. The all maps will to update.
Works are Contunued!

Good play, SvenCo-Op Community!

KiLLeR Studios

For the communication

moc.oohay|rlkreppam#moc.oohay|rlkreppam (Main e-mail)
moc.kooltuo|rlkreppam#moc.kooltuo|rlkreppam (Backup e-mail)
KiLLeR's Flickr

Sven Co-op Maps

KiLLeR's Castle
Tor Attack
Robo Grunt War: Warzone
KiLLeR's Part Maps

Conversion Maps For Sven Co-op (For Counter-Strike)

Dust Co-op
Assault Co-op
Inferno Co-op

Coming Soon!

Militia Co-op
Counter Strike Co-Op Map DB

Working Progress

Sven Co-op Bros.

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