Hello there!

I started cs 1.6, Natural Selection and halflife mapping 20 years ago at the age of 16.

After a long goldsrc mapping break (Did some mapping for Natural Selection 2 since then) i want to work on a smaller Sven Coop Maps and i am working on a small campaign as well

Right now i am working on:


sc_Scientists is almost finished. It has a wave systems where you have to get into your laboratory with your fellow scientists friends to enjoy the evening in front of the TV with chips and beer. Unfortunately your fellow buds are the only one that can open the laboratory door and aliens were sent to prevent you from watching that cringe alien film. Many Random triggers and usable sentries, turrets and marines allow a higher replayablity. There are also two different difficulty setting. For solo try and for more players than 1

sc_Tides was meant to be a Dota like symmetrical map with two teams throwing monsters and bullets at each other, but i still have trouble setting up teams in SC

sc_Research_facility_Omega is my two Player Coop campaign with a own story and Gordan traveling through space to deliver an ancient alien egg to the leading scientists in Facility Omega. I added side quests, but am struggling with setting up a currency

Thanks for reading :-)

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