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2023 music no-end size:small utility


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2001 2002 2018 2023 conversion difficulty:medium fun losable music playable-solo rmf secrets series silly size:large survival total-conversion traps troll walktrough weird


4.2 / 5

2001 2023 conversion pvp size:small


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2019 2023 conversion difficulty:hard size:small survival walkthrough


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2001 2002 2023 city conversion crazy difficulty:hard nsfw puzzle secrets size:medium walkthrough


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2023 defense fun survival


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2023 co-oprequired defense fun puzzle size:large survival


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2023 fun jumping pvp size:small


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2014 2023 black-mesa conversion difficulty:easy losable music playable-solo series size:small survival walkthrough


4 / 5

2018 2023 black-mesa conversion difficulty:easy losable music playable-solo series size:small survival walkthrough


4.3 / 5

2018 2023 black-mesa conversion difficulty:medium losable music playable-solo series size:small survival walkthrough


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2023 city difficulty:easy jumping music size:medium walkthrough


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2023 walkthrough


4.7 / 5

2000 2023 conversion pvp size:small


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2023 fun jumping race size:small


3.5 / 5

2023 black-mesa size:medium walkthrough


4.5 / 5

2013 2023 black-mesa conversion difficulty:medium losable music playable-solo series size:small survival walkthrough


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2023 difficulty:hard egypt featured jumping series size:large snow walkthrough


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2023 jumping retro size:small skills


1.7 / 5

2023 rubbish size:small walkthrough


4.3 / 5

2023 fun size:small


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2022 holidays pvp snow


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2018 2022 conversion difficulty:easy size:small survival walkthrough


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2003 2022 conversion size:small survival walkthrough


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2012 2022 conversion size:medium walkthrough


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2022 3d arcade city difficulty:easy needs-fixing nsfw recreation size:large

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3.8 / 5

2023 difficulty:hard egypt featured jumping series size:large snow walkthrough


4 / 5

2020 difficulty:hard featured losable secrets size:large work-in-progress


3.6 / 5

2022 co-oprequired difficulty:hard featured fun horde jumping music puzzle ragemap size:large walkthrough


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2003 2022 community-edit conversion difficulty:easy featured prison size:small space tfc walkthrough


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2007 2013 black-mesa conversion difficulty:medium featured size:medium walkthrough


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2022 difficulty:hard featured recreation size:medium survival walkthrough

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2000 2023 conversion pvp size:small


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2018 secrets size:medium walkthrough


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2003 defense difficulty:hard fun horde losable size:small timed



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2017 boms secrets size:medium walkthrough


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2016 fun music pvp secrets series size:medium total-conversion walkthrough


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2005 2007 2016 community-edit conversion scary series size:large survival walkthrough

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you can Try (Note FPS depend Might recommended set FPS_max to 83.3 or 125)
alias say_hi_10x "say hi;wait;say hi;wait;say hi;wait;say hi;wait;say hi;wait;say hi;wait;say hi;wait;say hi;wait;say hi;wait;say hi;wait;"
Or loopback alias (Risky: once executed those Command, Unlike quake 2 alias works not on SVengine or Goldsrc will Control lockup and Force to Exit using Task manager)
alias say_hi_1_loop "say hi;wait;say_hi_1_loop"

So let's say I bind F11 to "say hi". I want to press F11 only once but have it loop and say "hi" in chat 10 times. Is that possible? If so, how?

Classic but very infective !
neophusneophus 22 Mar 2023 19:45
in discussion / Map Comments » Instinct

A very nice campaign with classic Half-Life universe but with a very good staging. The level design is well created and some parts and ideas are very interesting, including for mappers like me :). We were 2 players and the difficulty was just perfect with intense and fun moments.

One of my top maps list to play Sven-coop !

Classic but very infective ! by neophusneophus, 22 Mar 2023 19:45
SV BOYSV BOY 21 Mar 2023 11:54
in discussion / Map Comments » Halfquake Duology

oh, that makes sense, sorry for some of the things ive pointed out were actually intentional all along, was just blinded by nostalgia haha
but with part with sword of sadism me and my friend managed to die sometimes because the trigger_hurt kept triggering wrong person, maybe at least make it regen faster?
the mp5 doing small damage might be the effect of some enemies not having headshot hitbox (maybe hgrunts) and 1.8x hp pc balancing when two players (which is annoying), i was doing 5 damage to headcrabs and other monsters per bullet
other then thanks for the bug fixes and maintaining it

by SV BOYSV BOY, 21 Mar 2023 11:54
Tomas SCTomas SC 20 Mar 2023 22:45
in discussion / Map Comments » Sectore Levels

nice map!!!

by Tomas SCTomas SC, 20 Mar 2023 22:45
Zorik6458Zorik6458 20 Mar 2023 18:56
in discussion / Map Comments » Halfquake Duology

Maybe if you bothered to properly read my previous responses to your comments and what's written on this page, you would already be aware that:

  • I TRIED to MERGE halfquake amen, BUT resulting maps kept CRASHING game. First Halfquake made sense to recompile to make lighting have higher resolution.
  • Survival mode can be disable by copying and pasting over 1 line in a script related to first hq or amen. Even if survival mode is enabled, maps are not that hard anyway, but still can take players by surprise in some places due to level design.

Classic mode weapons aren't forced at all. The only weapon from classic mode is MP5, because in original mod that's how you meant to blast vorts and Somos with underbarrel nades. Everything else is a model replacement, as you might be able to tell by unreplaced shotgun sounds.
As for vort and mp5 models, it's like that in steam release. I'll change it to match pre-Steam release anyway.
Parts with Sword of Sadism were like that in original, I didn't change nor add regen. If it works, why bother to mess with it?
What you wrote about buttons in conversion by Royal-soldier is utter deranged nonsense. The other conversion doesn't use global sound replacement nor does it individually specify to each buttons what sound to play on use. It doesn't even include button sounds at all! As for my conversion, it does replaces sounds(example: hq2_13, hq2_16), but because I forgot to update .gsr file in archive it didn't replace sounds for vorts and 3 button types(example: hq2_4).
None of teleports in hq2_29 preserve velocity, angles or any other physical player parameters. In second ""puzle"", platform was probably overpopulated and you flew off the platform to your death. Should be less of an issue in newer version.

As for the other issues - fixed, thanks for telling me this.
I tested hq2_24 a few times and it works, but I missed teleport that was inside trigger_hurt. Both triggers are placed over rails and looks like someone tried to jump on them, hence why it was probably skipped for you.
3 button sounds and islave sounds should have been replaced, but I forgot to update .gsr file in archive, as mentioned above.
I don't find enemies bulletspongy at all. I copied skill settings for skill 3(hard). With CVars for skill 1(easy, like it was always set in mod), it takes rougly 0.1 seconds and just 2 shots to kill vort. And for skill 3: 0.3 seconds and around 6 shots. I belive it's fairly adjusted that way and will scale well with larger amout of players via mp_pcbalancingfactor without becoming a chore or being hard. That MP5 is definitely stronger than vanilla one, because default one can't hit anything from 10-30 meters.

by Zorik6458Zorik6458, 20 Mar 2023 18:56

Ugh. Let me ask again. Now I'm curious not because I'm tired of cheaters, but because I really want to know how to add this 66% Checkpoint system. It makes the game less boring when I see those green lines around a checkpoint and the 66%. I want to try creating and managing a server.

stop playing on anarchy servers full of cheaters


Nevermind, I don't care anymore. I decided to quit playing and just watch.

SV BOYSV BOY 18 Mar 2023 23:03
in discussion / Map Comments » Halfquake Duology

most maps could've been merged, why keep it a loading simulator, why recompile the maps if you didn't even bother merging them?????????
why are classic mode weapons forced?
zero checkpoints whatsoever, and yet survival is in, why is that?
more of a suggestion but maybe also using level change sprites would be good
mp5 feels even weaker then the sven coop one, making some enemies bullet sponges when they're not supposed to
lobby ambient is missing, and its effects

halfquake - only one person gets their suit stripped out
halfquake 1 - why does mp5 uses the amen model?
halfquake 1 - why do vortigaunts have amen model?
halfquake5 - spawned with a revolver when im not supposed to
halfquake7 at one point has zero spawn points available

hq amen doesnt replaces the button sounds, which is very possible in sven coop, heck, even 3.0 port uses that
hq amen also doesnt replace the vortigaunt sounds that are from the mod
at parts where you get sadism sword youre supposed to have unlimited health, why not set it to 1k? instead of regen?
hq2_9 softlock, if one person goes down, everyone else is locked (where you get crossbow)
hq2_15 if one players passes thru the hole, the others will die because gravity applies once
hq2_24 for some reason got skipped which ruins the entire premise of the patience chapter
hq2_29 preserves teleport velocity, so people fall to their dewth to 2nd puzzle
some models missing p_ and w_ models and use default pickup models instead

honestly the port isn't that much bad but it could've been so, so much better, not mad, just disappointed

by SV BOYSV BOY, 18 Mar 2023 23:03

There is this server that I like a lot. It has 66% checkpoints, and there are always a lot of players, and it just seems lively and fun. But there are players on there that get off on killing other players. It's not because of anything I said or did. They do it to me and other players. And I just don't get it. It's not fun. At least not for me. If I ask why they are doing it, they say "because I can". I'm too much of a noob to know how they are even killing me and other people. Somehow they hit people with crowbars and make them fly like 500 feet in the air. Other times they just turn you into gibs, but not sure how. I think crowbars. But they also use other weapons too. They always kill me on elevators. Anyway. I can ignore it and keep playing. But I would like to know how to make my own server. Basically I want the Half-Life map and maybe They Hunger. But I like those 66% Checkpoint things and I don't know how to implement that.

KZ-SheezKZ-Sheez 16 Mar 2023 21:50
in discussion / Map Comments » Mirrorlobby

excellent work i make skins for sven. and i would like to have a map with a mirror of that style to take screenshots and include it in the credits so is possible for you to make the same map but litlle small and with a more neon-style background? my discord: KZ-Sheez#8079

Niceeeee by KZ-SheezKZ-Sheez, 16 Mar 2023 21:50
VaelastraszVaelastrasz 16 Mar 2023 02:42
in discussion / Map Comments » Secret Garden

I tried to play solo this map..
Actually really hard to play solo lol
But i can say.. this map case challengeable to play solo playing. i had fun a lot ! I want to give this map rate "5" :3

by VaelastraszVaelastrasz, 16 Mar 2023 02:42
VaelastraszVaelastrasz 16 Mar 2023 02:38
in discussion / Map Comments » Halfquake Duology

Okay.. sorry for my mass up English grammer.. ㅠㅠ

In short.. This halfquake series mod case really hard to port in Sven Co-op for 4~ 32 player and you tried best to port

If you port sunrise, i will test with some friends for you >w<

by VaelastraszVaelastrasz, 16 Mar 2023 02:38

Fixed. Thanks for reporting.

Re: some issues about hq2_7 by Zorik6458Zorik6458, 16 Mar 2023 00:16
Zorik6458Zorik6458 16 Mar 2023 00:15
in discussion / Map Comments » Halfquake Duology

You're welcome! I couldn't quiet understand the message here and what exactly you're referring to in first paragraph.

by Zorik6458Zorik6458, 16 Mar 2023 00:15
VaelastraszVaelastrasz 15 Mar 2023 23:11
in discussion / Map Comments » Halfquake Duology

Halfquake Amen case.. made for "single play" puzzle..
This mean, as Zorik said halfquake is not good for multiplay puzzle different with Sven Co-op 2 player Co-op puzzle system. That reason, some Respawn points can be broken or having issue and trigger too.

According to Original Halfquake, Some traps just active one time and never back to position…

When i play with some friends Halfquake Amen
I realized why Zorik worried this Halfqhake Amen porting

I had fun this port with friends
Thank for port this mod to us :>

by VaelastraszVaelastrasz, 15 Mar 2023 23:11
Angeel_s2Angeel_s2 15 Mar 2023 22:47
in discussion / Map Comments » Sectore Levels

Thanks for the info, fixed.

by Angeel_s2Angeel_s2, 15 Mar 2023 22:47
SV BOYSV BOY 15 Mar 2023 18:07
in discussion / Map Comments » Sectore Levels

both sc_defend_base3a and sectore_level_1\2 use the same Angel.wad which both differ in files sizes, which is most likely will end up in missing texures. this is bad!

by SV BOYSV BOY, 15 Mar 2023 18:07
Re: Hondo Lives!!!
SV BOYSV BOY 15 Mar 2023 17:51
in discussion / Map Comments » 5:00 AM

you have to get onto a "blue platform" that appears after you kinda touch the celling, its hard to explain, the button (blue-red checkerboarded one) is merely used to unlock the other secret, and it also requires co-op

Re: Hondo Lives!!! by SV BOYSV BOY, 15 Mar 2023 17:51
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