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sv_prefab is my collection of prefabs that I have made.
Most of them are currently just valve prefabs but remade but I plan to do more in future updates
I've wanted to do .ol support for those who don't use J.A.C.K. but apparently in order to make a prefab it must be in seperate .rmf\.map file, all alone, which is a nope for me
Note that the prefab's are not perfect, they might get polished in a newer version later or even remade (if I will care enough to do so)
You don't need any additional textures or wads

Currently, there are:
157 Prefabs in total, of which are:
32 Doors
35 Crates
18 Buttons
75 Others that are uncategorized at the moment, and are placed in a row\grouped together somewhere
…And more to come, you can suggest a category or a prefab if you want
There are also 8 prefabs that are interactable, e.g you can peek inside of a trash bin, or buy a soda from the vending machine, etc.

Available to download in a .jmf, .bsp, .rmf formats
You are free to use them as long as im credited.

Categories (tags)

breakables/pushables buttons/levers doors electronics/appliances entity-setup explosives furniture/deskware props/scenery

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