Map Review of Square Run

Map review of Square Run

by Cocyx | June 6, 2011 | 2446 characters

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with the release of devious trials, i started to become interested in streamfox's mapping career, as his mapping skills seemed to increase more and more with every release. his maps usually hold the same theme; platforming skill and puzzle maps that're sometimes peppered with a bit of combat. however, square run feels like a side project; something that he didn't put too much thought in, just something to release to the public so they have something new to play, which isn't a bad thing this day and age, with new sven maps becoming more and more scarce. the general style of the map seems to be incredibly borrowing from hezus's the void, with new checkerboard textures and an oddsquare of unscaled lava that underlines the obstacle course.

the gameplay has the same problems as other streamfox maps; the difficulty curve seems to be a schizophrenic mess. some parts are incredibly easy while others are teeth-grindingly hard, and seem randomly scattered through-out the course. the hardest parts for me was jumping over the red pads, as i always seem to hit the trigger_hurt either before jumping or just barely when landing. the first jumping puzzle is harder then some of the puzzles in the final stretch. the people i was playing with were having a MUCH harder time with it too; begging to rockthevote before the map was over.

the check-pointing is a lot more forgiving then streamfox's early releases thankfully, although still relatively annoying once you get to certain parts of the map, for instance, the first ladder sequence where you have jump from a yellow pad onto the bottom of a ladder pad. most players would just hold down the jump key at that point, and consequently bounce off the ladder pad like a pinball and fall straight into the lava below and then have to work their way back to that point from the checkpoint. pretty brutal.


  • good custom textures on the pads
  • nice music
  • relatively forgiving check-pointing


  • schizophrenic difficulty curve
  • unbelievable skybox + large laggy unscaled lava square
  • red pads are incredibly unforgiving
  • some bad design choices
  • feels like a ripoff of the void
Score: 5.8 / 10

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