Map Review of iron-io-shocksiege

by Cocyx | June 6, 2011 | 1438 characters

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rng maps are always a refreshing breath of air when it comes to sven maps just because of the entirely different style alone; even if he makes a bad map, it's still enjoyable just from the change of scenery. so saying that, i found this a typical run-of-the-mill rng map, a darker version of kyper kuutio with more combat. the combat gets exhausting however, especially when you're stuck in a room constantly killing respawning enemies, which just seems like filler.

the puzzles are relatively uninspired, they usually consist of "break this stuff" or "press these 2 things at once", although my distaste for these simple puzzles could have been invoked by having played through _\|/_ recently, so my expectations might be a bit high. the func_pushables really have to stop though, they're incredibly played out by now, i think streamfox's pushable box map basically exhausted every possibility of pushables in maps.


  • good models
  • great textures
  • good music
  • good atmosphere
  • breaks monotony from other sven maps
  • bearable difficulty


  • uninspired puzzles
  • respawning enemies
  • too short
  • bizarre use of trigger_push in some areas
Score: 7.3 / 10

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