Map Review of 28-corp

Map review of 28 Corp.

by dunkelschwamm | November 28, 2021 | 2457 characters

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28-corp is a map that feels weird to review because it doesn't feel finished. There's glaring issues from the moment the map begins, with a parking lot full of improperly proportioned vehicles, a clearly broken tank turret entity which takes forever to destroy as it bafflingly kills off players, and respawning enemies who become an issue the moment the players accidentally open the then-unclosable glass door. That is the first thing that happens in this map.

Opposite of this glass door, however, are the stairs up. What may not be obvious at first to the player is that moving up through the building is how to proceed, rather than the immediately obvious parking lot full of foes.

Once the players are on the right path, it's a well-equipped battle through grunts of all sorts to the top of the building where a battle will commence with an apache which has an ungodly amount of health. After whittling it down, the map confusingly lingers on a long elevator ride (an elevator which requires a dance of the fates to get multiple players across, an issue simiilar to the mapset 1-6 by the same author), followed by a short battle and some consoles which the players must tediously beat up on, unaware if they're actually dealing damage or not, until they explode, ending the map on a frustrating whimper.

Overall, the actual meat of the map is a structurally sound grunt battle. However, this meat is served with a helping of a frustrating, poorly made, and superfluous parking lot, a tedious apache fight, an even more tedious elevator ride, and an even more tedious destructible brush with so much health you lose faith in its destructibility before it finally explodes.

If you're putting together a map rotation, I say skip this. It's not terribly fun, it's not terribly interesting, at best it's boring, at worst it's frustrating.


  • A few decent grunt battles in the middle.
  • You can tell somebody wanted to do something with these maps.


  • Broken tank.
  • Boring, spongey apache.
  • Elevator of Doom adds minutes of waiting around to the map.
  • Terrible ending.
  • Respawning enemies near spawn.
  • Clearly unfinished in places, shoddy craftmanship.
Score: 2 / 10
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