Map Review of high-rise

Map review of High Rise

by dunkelschwamm | November 28, 2021 | 1569 characters

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There's not much I have to say about high-rise because, to be completely honest, I feel like I forgot most of the map shortly after playing it. There are some neat bits of brushwork here and there, especially a stationery fighter jet at the beginning of the map. I felt the map had odd invisible wall placement that made movement that seemed intuitive impossible. For the most part it felt painfully vanilla.

One aspect that I appreciated about this map was that there were moving spawn points to keep respawning players close to the action. This kept things moving at a steady pace and didn't make me feel like my time was being wasted.

You spend the map moving forward against waves of mostly grunts. There's not a very clear direction for what the player is hoping to accomplish, but by moving through the doors which are suddenly opened you tend to find your way.

If you're running a server with lots of standalone action maps, I think this could fit well in a robust rotation. I guess the way I would put it is that it gets the job done.


  • Fun combat scenarios where heavy weapons are used to push back heavy resistance.
  • Checkpoints.
  • Consistent quality work throughout.


  • Very forgettable, vanilla experience for the most part.
  • Weird clip placements.
Score: 6 / 10
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