Map Review of hl-comando

Map review of HL Comando

by dunkelschwamm | November 28, 2021 | 2103 characters

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Half-Life Commando feels like an oldschool mod in spirit similar to the likes of Azure Sheep or Absolute Redemption- a vanilla experience which recreates much of the style and experiences of the original Half-Life from a new lens and with new challenges throughout. It's a truly beefy experience with consistently decent brushwork throughout which seamlessly blends with segments lifted and remixed from the original Half-Life.

Commando buckles the most under its weight in a few areas where progression is not clearly signposted for the players, or a couple puzzles come across as slow, wasteful treks through long hallways followed by immediate backtracking. The styling being so close to vanilla Half-Life in many places also creates an unfortunate forgettability of many locations.

Truly, however, the places where Commando breaks things up and gets creative are interesting environments in their own right. Additionally, most battles feel very balanced, tense, and action-packed.

If you're looking for a good vanilla experience full of many maps to play with a friend, there are both better and worse that you can do than Commando. If you have a very robust action rotation on your server, you might want to throw Commando in there at some point. It's pretty lengthy, but it carries itself well throughout.


  • Well designed maps that don't really overstay their welcome.
  • Quality brushwork.
  • A great number of maps making up a great deal of consistent content.
  • Some very interesting locations within.
  • Fun combat.


  • Some very forgettable vanilla environments.
  • Some maps get pretty close to overstaying their welcome.
  • Sometimes progression isn't signposted very well.
  • A lot of bits where a lot of aliens just spawn right on top of the player, which feels like it could be executed better.
Score: 7.2 / 10
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