Map Review of gundam

by GrandmasterJ | November 29, 2021 | 2347 characters

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This is a short and simple map with a fun gimmick. I love maps with a single focused gimmick and I think this one does it pretty well. I originally reviewed this map at the listed date, but have since edited it on 3/18/2023.

So you are in a map with a small city and enemies spawn in to attack you. The map description says 'you may choose to destroy the city' but let me tell you, if you are not destroying the city you are playing this map wrong. It's incredible fun blowing skyscrapers up and smashing things. Whenever an enemy would destroy a building I would get offended because that is what I am there to do.

The enemies are robo grunts that spawn in seemingly endlessly until suddenly we've killed enough. We have to find weapons in the map and don't spawn with them, so as more and more buildings are destroyed we have less cover to get our weapons. We spent a lot of time dying on spawn as the robo grunts focused fire on us. Through perseverance and snarks running defense for us we managed to kill them all, destroy the city, and end the map.

There is also a tiny UFO dropping off baby headcrabs. These are a huge nuisance and very annoying to deal with. At the very least they attracted the attention of the robo grunts and were fun to pit against our snarks.

The map is fun, but also kind of frustrating. It's not as fun as the other similar maps the author has made, the godzilla series, but it has a much heavier emphasis on combat which some players may prefer. I don't think the map makes a great arena and not spawning with meaningful weapons is a huge pain.


  • Destroy a city Rampage style
  • Can't get lost if the map is only one room
  • I'm so happy the goal of the map was not to protect the city, that would have ruined the whole thing.
  • Perfect length for what the map is, any longer would have been tedious


  • The fun ends when the city is gone, but the enemies do not
  • players and enemies spawn right next to each other
  • the baby headcrabs sucked
  • players do not spawn with weapons and must quickly seek them out.
Score: 6 / 10
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