Map Review of f-zero-x

Map review of F-zero X

by GrandmasterJ | November 30, 2021 | 1489 characters

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This map is terrible.

The map starts off with the players in a garish room with large black buttons that say 'start'. Player speed is so high that the briefest tap on W sends you flying headfirst into the opposite wall. I don't know how but my teammate managed to press the start button. As for me I just could not position myself in front of it. I keep flying into a wall and sliding into the corner. I tired using the button from the side but it just didn't work.

My teammate meanwhile was alone on a very simple floating track. How he managed his insane speed to go around the track a few times is beyond me.

Eventually I did manage to leave spawn. But I was uninterested in staying on the map. We went around the track and then I fell off and died. I respawned in the hell room and I was just done.


  • Player models were little space race cars


  • Players move too damn fast, this would be less of a problem if the map was built around that.
  • Spawn room is a hellish prison that taunts you with oversized buttons you can't reach
  • Track itself is boring
  • Textures are garish and ugly
  • It would help if the track functioned as a track and announced who crosses the finish line first
Score: 0 / 10
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