Map Review of 4ways

Map review of 4 Ways

by GrandmasterJ | December 4, 2021 | 1495 characters

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4ways is a map with four different things to do, and that is all.

There is a hallway full of enemies that ends in an apache battle, a large room that spawns in enemies that has a really cool iris door that leads to more enemies, a party room, and a room full of lasers that neither my teammates nor I wanted to really get into. I don't think the elements came together in a coherent way, the party room especially was out of place. That different rooms weren't all that particularly interesting, except that really cool iris door.

The only place we didn't explore was the strategy room, a room filled with lasers and pushable crates. My team decided to give up early on because the lasers were finicky with how they registered players and seemed to sometimes not get blocked by the crates.

The things I really appreciate in this map is the generous helping of weapons, the teleports back to spawn that appear at the end of the paths, and that fancy pants iris door.


  • Plenty of weapons and HEV at spawn
  • considerate portals
  • that's a big door and it slide apart all cool


  • overall fairly boring
  • laser room didn't work right
  • even if the laser room worked I wouldn't want to complete it
Score: 2.5 / 10
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