Map Review of 4chan-pol-gasworks-pvp-w-npcs

by GrandmasterJ | December 4, 2021 | 1839 characters

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So, this map is PVP and I didn't actually play PVP. But I did explore top to bottom with a friend.

This map did not age well. Putting aside how I haven't found 4chan funny or clever since I was 14 I just think most of what this map has to offer is boring and lame. I guess I missed my chance to experience this map when I would have identified with its humor the most. There is this secret door marked with that meme caricature of a Jew and it opens up to a room full of nooses and the egon gun, if you go inside the room hurts you. If you're into cringe edgy stuff then I guess thats cool, but as a functioning adult I'm not really impressed.

As for the actual map itself, its just too big. There is a whole green frog room with some really nicely done frogs, a big central area with catwalks and water, a whole top area outside, and loads of side hallways connecting it all together. I rarely saw my teammate even when we were actively looking for each other. There's also dark mazy parts. The only part I felt was really cool was the central area with catwalks and water. I thought it would be a cool map to fight around a central area, but instead the layout is confusing, maze-like, and big.

Although, it does bear repeating that I didn't actually play PVP, what the map is meant for. I'm not sure Sven Co-op was really meant for PVP.


  • Really nice looking frog statues
  • I like the layout of the central atrium


  • Tired memes from two thousand and late
  • cringe edginess memes for 14 year olds
  • confusing massive layout
Score: 2.5 / 10
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