Map Review of svencoop1/2

Map review of Svencoop 1

by BMT | April 4, 2003 | 4002 characters

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Note: This review encompasses both Svencoop 1 and Svencoop 2.

You've downloaded SvenCoop, you've loaded it up. The first thing you want to play over your LAN is a straight forward and enjoyable map. For some reason the first map you load up is "svencoop1" because simply it's the name of the mod :). You and your friend wait anxiously as the map loads. You start in a room with 4 teleporters and 2 retinal scanners. Both you and your friend instantly figure that you have to use those scanners, and you do, and the door opens, and you're confronted by an alien grunt. You both shout Woohooo kill it!! You shoot, nothing happens. You shoot some more. "Why isnt he dying? What a crap mod", your friend exclaims. But the grunt, named Tor, starts talking….

After slapping yourself and your friend when realising Tor is on your side, and after listening to the introductionary plotline, you then carry on through a teleporter and find yourself indulged in a corridor full of alien slaves. This is where the fun begins.

Passing through the corridor isn't too hard, but it's short and fun to traverse.. enough about the corridor, you then climb a ladder and find yourself in the first spawning-monster-battle-area in which one of your teammates has to duck through a tunnel and press a button while you guys aid him/her by shooting the houndeyes who spawn next to the tunnel and annoy the tunnel-er and shooting those ever-tedious controllers that spawn in the air… or you could just watch as your teammate gets shot up and mooshed.. then laugh.. then get attacked..

The map then goes on continuing with the very successful walkthrough element, taking you through a short lift scene, a military-blast-through-glass-roof scene and for the first map an amusing end involving a cheeky barney and a near-death experience due to the room filling up with water.

At this point the map ends, but the second map picks up where Tor saves you from drowning. Just like the first map, this map picks up with the same fun walkthrough style. But it aint the same, this time you walk across shallow water, make contact with a friendly grunt, whom unfortunately due to the lack of intelligent players doesnt last long. It continues into a good scene where teamwork is essential, in the old "keep hold of cog to raise platform" scenario. Then you run into good ole Tor again but this time you have to save him, muhahhaa, IF you put the chubby code in, but if you didnt he is fine and sods off.

After finally getting passed all the n00bs who get stuck under/over the "box down the ladder shaft" scene, you find yourself in a very amusing situation, namely having to travel across a corridor. What's up with the corridor? Play the damn map :D Finally you come to the end, and you feel great, as it really was a cool two maps you just went through.

Looking back through the map it's evident how much effort has went into it. Although it does sometimes feel like a "beginner" kind of map, in that it continues in the way of squarish corridors from start to finish. But that is what also makes it so fun. The "n00bish" feel of the map also makes it so care-free and loose to play, that you'll want to play it again to feel the comical value as well as the great gameplay.

To conclude, the svencoop map series will never get old, as they were themaps that started it all, and whenever a new update of svencoop is out the first thing that players tend to do is go and see what has been changed in the maps.

Reviewed version included With Sven Coop 2.0 Final


  • Still great fun to play!
  • Average architecture and texturing
  • Simple but effective layout


  • It's been around for a while
  • Detail is lacking slightly by some of the recent map standards
Score: 8 / 10

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