Map Review of library

Map review of Library

by GrandmasterJ | December 5, 2021 | 2158 characters

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This map is really well done. It's a little short and the cutscenes run a little long, but I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed all the production value put into this.

The map starts out in a long cutscene. It's a very nice cutscene but it ran a little bit too long. The spawn area has plenty of HEV and ammo with the starting weapons, and then has a teleporter that will update to whatever area the players are at. I always really appreciate a checkpoint system, this wins big points with me. This is all very smooth, intuitive, and convenient.

Right after the teleport you end up in a nice looking library that looks like it is in a castle or something. After the somewhat bland teleporter room and other samey Sven maps it is very nice to see this scenery. The level design was done pretty well too, there is always a clear path of progression and it is not easy to get lost.

The action is cut up with a platforming segment that isn't insanely hard. Be aware that you can go right through the ropes on the platforms. My teammate was doing his best to balance right on the ledge and I was jumping through the sides no problem. As somebody who sucks at platforming I appreciate this leniency.

At the end the game drops a garg and then tor on you. Each has a cutscene identifying it as an "unknown biological: HA… HA. ..HA…". My teammate and I use the Colette and Gina models respectively so it was very funny to watch two female astrophysicists dump a full SAW magazine directly into Tor's stupid face.


  • Lovely and unique level
  • clear linear path and updating checkpoints kept the flow moving
  • making updating checkpoints a teleporter at spawn is a huge quality of life improvement
  • plenty of weapons and ammunition
  • clear production value, cutscenes, credits
  • good action


  • The intro cutscene ran a little long
  • the spawn area is a little bland
Score: 9 / 10
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