Map Review of 5chan

Map review of 5chan

by dunkelschwamm | December 5, 2021 | 3209 characters

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5chan is a map which evokes imageboard aesthetics and moods from 10 years ago via memes, smut, and uncomfortable level design. If you aren't on board from the beginning with straight-up pornography being present you may find yourself needing a moment of adjustment.

The map sets itself up as a scavenger hunt within a large surreal environment with walls made out of memes and smut. I don't want to be the one to say it, but some of it is so specific that it starts to feel like "Oh, this guy's into something. Alright." I guess that's kind of the peril of jokes which are just random content salads removed from context. That and, unfortunately, the joke isn't really presented in a format wherein it has any chance to land. By comprising the mundane level structures with the memes themselves, the jokes of the level are relegated to a status that your brain dismisses, especially since they're competing for attention with surrounding jokes so none of them can stand on their own.

There are a couple moments with fast-moving zombie enemies. They aren't terribly interesting and are quickly dispatched. It seemed like there were some little minigames set up but they were extremely frustrating to attempt. There was this one where I think the gimmick was that you can't touch the walls and you have to walk forward against a current so you can't stop walking at any point or you'll get pushed all the way back and take damage as you go- it wasn't executed in a fun way.

I think the point of the map was to collect coins and game completion cubes. We collected 2 of the 5 completion cubes before we decided to put the map down and not finish it.

I guess the problem with imageboard maps in the current age is that their humor feels, I guess this may be a personal thing, but kinda off-putting. That combined with the pornographic content just kinda made for a map with an uncomfortable vibe that we really did try to give a fair shot but just felt grossed out by. That with the green dim lighting and glowing enemies, the screaming sound effects in the background, made for this nightmarish feverdream quality which I would find impressive if not for how little I enjoyed it.

I'm not going to give out a recommendation for this and instead say: look at the screenshots. If that looks like something you'd be into, you're probably right.


  • Definitely delivers on whatever the goal for creating this map was.
  • I'm a sucker for the creativity of surrealist, dadaist maps' brushwork.
  • It tried to do a lot of stuff and I respect ambition and experimentation.
  • I'm sure that, to an audience that isn't me, a bunch of this is HILARIOUS


  • The map itself is kinda boring.
  • The memes and pornography, treated in this context especially, feels just trite and tasteless
  • The overall atmosphere is nightmarish
  • Lots of dead-end areas with little to show other than distractions and wasted time.
  • Bad gimmicks
Score: 3 / 10
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