Map Review of church

Map review of Church

by GrandmasterJ | December 11, 2021 | 1433 characters

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Church is a simple and small map, just a building filled to the brim with aliens and zombies. There is a singe crossbow with plenty of ammo. It takes forever to load the crossbow so you'll want to draw out a few enemies at a time or otherwise make sure you have some space before reloading.

The church itself is a big box with some stained glass windows. The pews are huge, disproportionate, and on one side of the church they are too close to the wall. There is a secret door in the back that slides up vertically and clips with the wall above it real bad. There are other doors that move similarly into the ceiling that also clip really bad.

There is a button hidden in the floor, I don't know what it does. There is a pedestal with some credits to people who made Counter-Strike, it is somewhat unclear but I think that is what it was. It doesn't fit on the pedestal despite being stretched so the beginning and ending are missing.

Overall, for a Robootto map it was pretty good, but for 2021 it doesn't look good and doesn't play well.


  • It had enemies
  • It had a weapon
  • it had ammo for the weapon


  • looks bad
  • plays bad
Score: 3 / 10
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