Map Review of church

Map review of Church

by dunkelschwamm | December 10, 2021 | 2320 characters

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When first delving into a 3D medium with a process such as brushwork to fully shape out an environment, the brain jumps to familiar places and begins planning out how to evoke that familiar place within the 3D medium. It's part of the way that creative brains seek to train themselves- start with the familiar to learn technique, then use the technique to create something more impressive.

Robooto's maps always remind me of when I would get that mindset, but then quickly realize that the high of actually creating realworld environments in 3D was not worth the effort. However, Robooto's maps seem to get released in a playable state despite seeming to be something either unfinished or something very hastily finished.

Church is what appears to be a very minor, clunky, ill proportioned church made for (possibly) Counter-Strike initially. It begins with a long courtyard which leads into the church proper, which is one main chamber, two side chambers, and one secret chamber. There is also an additional secret in the floor. None of these amount to much at all aside from being present. There's no payoff or reward for finding them. They're just… there.

The brushwork for the map is particularly blocky and strangely proportioned. There's a few nifty textures used here and there, but the main texture which seems to carry the message of the entire map is improperly aligned on its surface, thus cutting off the top and bottom of its message.

Fighting aliens in this environment was a mostly methodical affair. We steadily pumped exploding crossbow bolts into the Gonarch, haphazardly gibbing Zombies and Baby Headcrabs as we did so.

As with most Robooto maps, there was no clear ending. Shockingly action-packed for a Robooto map, but that's not saying a whole lot. I'd say you can easily give this map a skip and I wouldn't recommend putting it in a server rotation as it would probably just confuse players.


  • It kinda functions as a level.


  • Boring
  • Mostly ugly
  • No clear objective/goal/ending
Score: 3 / 10
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