Map Review of crisis-2

Map review of Crisis 2

by BMT | April 2, 2003 | 3450 characters

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Ah the ever popular Crisis2 map for SvenCoop. Many a day have I joined a server with crisis2 running, whereby I run into blockers, spammers and now and then decent players. The aim of the map is to use a tram to traverse a track that goes through the whole map, ending in a nice battle with grunts to retrieve a keycard that will enable you to end the map.

This has got to be one of the longest and successful maps in SvenCoop to date, at least in my opinion. But lets start from the beginning shall we.

You come onto the server, you are in a room, yippee. Mines, a magnum, and a glock welcome you, aswell as two large scanners with which you need two +use buttons/eyes to activate, enabling the map to start. Already you have been telefragged 3 times, as have 75% of the other players in the server (this is ofcourse assuming you have joined an always-full cool server, namely blue yonder or mr magics :D). But its alright, telefragging is acceptable if the map is good, so we'll just bypass this slight annoyance for now.

The first thing you notice about the map is its design; Its basic, yet detailed. Lights are in the right places, textures are used and aligned well and weapons are placed brilliantly on tables and boxes. Signs litter the walls to add an extra hint of depth. The atmosphere already is set as a semi-dark subway/underground location.

The first open room involves the great effect of a small gruntx2 vs. alien scenario. Ofcourse if they survive (which they rarely do) they have to face your team, which is fairly silly seeing you've just started the map and you're out for blood. So taking care of them and the small resistance from the alien slaves leaves your team with the amazingly difficult task of guiding a friendly barney to a button. Trust me thats no joke, due to the excessive amount of fools on the svencoop scene it
takes about 20 minutes to virtually corner the offending n00b to prevent him shooting the barney that, fortunately, respawns if killed.

The map hasnt even started yet. You activate the power, you use the tram, you go down the track and unexpectedly monsters spawn behind and infront of you, confronting you with a problem that can only be faced with good teamwork.

From then on the map continues to be interesting in many ways, more weapons are gradually given to you, you run into a crossway which means you have to carefully make sure that the button to turn the track is pressed while the tram is on the crossway. Teamwork is definitely needed throughout the map, not just in the start and at the crossway. Aswell as it being important in a battle with quite alot of alien grunts in one area it is then important when facing quite alot of human grunts at the end when retrieving a keycard.

One part of the map near the beginning is having to stop over a pit of slime and watch through glass as some poor scientists get savaged by spawning aliens, which is always fun ;D Then you go in and blow 'em to hell.

Reviewed version included in Sven Co-op 2.0 Final


  • Good replay value, great fun to play
  • Long
  • Great architecture and texturing
  • Superb layout
  • Appropriate skill level


  • Those damn idiots that mess with the train
  • That damn sinking train bug
Score: 8.3 / 10

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