Map Review of septic-morass

by dunkelschwamm | December 12, 2021 | 1562 characters

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This map hasn't updated in nearly 15 years, so I'm going to treat it as a final release right now, despite it technically being a demo. If it ever updates and finishes I'll happily revisit it and update my review.

RNG is a name in Sven Co-op mapping which can be closely associated with thick, grimy, moody atmospheres and high-caliber walkthrough progression. Each of RNG's maps has distinct personality that sets it apart from other maps, and Septic Morass is no different. From head to toe the map is dressed up in expert brush and model work with intense colored lighting which evokes a thick Doom 64-like scene.

Players blast their way through rooms full of abominable monsters on their way to an abrupt and sudden ending where the demo ceases progression. It's a little jarring how it ends, and a signpost would have been helpful for closure before switching maps, but it is what it is.

Overall, I think this map is really good to play with a friend or two. Since the ending is just a confusing dead end, I would not recommend it for server lists.


  • Great brushwork and atmosphere
  • Fun enemies and battles
  • Interesting arena layouts


  • Clearly unfinished
  • A tad monotonous by the end
  • Some rooms full of gonomes can be tedious to work through
Score: 5 / 10
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