Map Review of sewer-systematic:toxicidia-sektor-516

by dunkelschwamm | December 12, 2021 | 2172 characters

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Sewer Systematic: Toxicidia Sektor 516 is a mouthful. It's also the name of an incredible mapset by RNG, a mapper whose content never fails to exude personality and quality. The map follows through a moody, atmospheric rustpunk world of grimy corridors into battles with gonomes, giant vortigaunts, and gargantuas. The mood is aided along the way with skillful brushwork and custom sounds.

The map is mostly broken up into chambers and corridors full of monsters who must be wiped out before the players can press corresponding buttons (requiring a team play aspect) to open the next door. It's stilted, repetitive, has shitty momentum, but it gets the job done and is simple as hell. Unlike later RNG maps, which would usually supplement the incredible personality with creative gameplay, this one relies largely on the charm of its indulgent style to make the samey fire-fights interesting. This doesn't fail entirely, and I would even say it succeeds most of the time, as the mapset barely outstays its welcome and most fights can be quickly squashed by experienced players.

There are a couple problematic areas as well which stop players in their tracks, usually having to do with either cadres of gonomes or arenas which throw the player headfirst into groups of gargantuas. These bits feel downright sloppy in terms of framing a battle and feel unfair to players attempting to join the fray.

Overall I would recommend Sewer Systematic Toxicidia Sektor 516. It's a very simple action mapset that has a lot of visual flair and not a whole lot of depth. If you run an action server I would say throw it on your rotation.


  • Fantastic brushwork, lighting, and textures as always from RNG
  • Some really fun firefights
  • Gets the job done


  • Repetitive
  • Some bits feel a bit unfair, especially regarding gargantuas or gonomes
  • Possibly too simplistic
Score: 6.8 / 10
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