Map Review of sewer-systematic:toxicidia-sektor-516

by GrandmasterJ | December 13, 2021 | 2822 characters

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RNG makes some amazing looking maps with real dumb stories. I don't think I ever felt like I was in a sewer, although that is probably for the best.

This map series, like most of RNG's work, has some very interesting and impressive architecture, unique looking rooms, and tons of detail. The style and layout is heavily reminiscent of a fever dream, there was one part where a hallway ended with a window looking into a room full of scientists. There is a door behind them that opens up to reveal a turret that mows them all down. The turret then shatters the glass and the way forward is behind it. Absolute nonsensical level design that is in no way a sewer. This is not a complaint, I feel the fever dream aspect of it works really well.

One map had players spawn in a hallway where doors would open to reveal teleporters to the next destination. After that area was complete a return teleporter would appear and the next teleporter would open up. This is a great way to keep players near the action at all times and keep them on the right track. I always appreciate an effort being made to cut down on travel time and this map series had very low travel time.

That being said, there were multiple areas where players were dumped in a room with gonomes. I like fighting gonomes, but they regenerate health on eating a player and being dumped into a room with no escape to fight a gonome knowing that failure means it will recharge its health is no fun. There were also areas where players are dumped into rooms with gargantuas. A lot of the action sequences were just being dropped in a room with enemies that you should not be dropped in a room with.

Unfortunately I don't remember much of this map due to how all of RNG's maps evoke feelings of fever dreams. I played this right after Septic Morass, which was a very short demo, but the two maps look and play similar so I got aspects of the two mixed up. RNG's maps always look really good and play really well, but now that I've played a majority of them I feel they kind of run together.


  • Really great style, architecture
  • Very nice spawn set up with teleporters to the next destination
  • hard to get lost, you are always moving forward


  • Players are dumped into rooms with gonomes multiple times and have to deal with their health regeneration
  • Players get dumped into rooms full of enemies that suck to fight in confined spaces at multiple times
  • Doesn't really distinguish itself from other RNG maps, repetitive action doesn't help
Score: 7 / 10
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