Map Review of bridge2k

Map review of Bridge 2k

by BMT | April 4, 2003 | 2457 characters

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For those of you who have played any of Hezus' previous maps you may be feeling a bit bored, "dang not another respawning go-nowhere map from Hezus". You may be wondering when the point will come when he takes a different approach, to widen his maps possibilities. "Bridge2k" is that point.

Hezus has created a map with a decent balance of walkthrough and respawn elements. Gone are the annoying repetitive arenas with constant enemies and the same gameplay. Instead you are given a well-planned all rounder of a map.You start either under or on a bridge, and for the first ten minutes after spawning you're just generally running around taking down grunts and dying at a rate of 3 grunts to 1 death. The thing I noticed when playing was, due to the path being under the bridge, noone bothered to take out the helicopter. Ofcourse we realised it was a mistake after getting through the map and opening the shorcut from the spawn point which had you running right across the easiest location for the 'copter to mow you down.

Anyway, even though the map took a good 15-20 minutes to complete, it still felt.. small. A slight drawback being the map takes some time because the skill level is quite hard. One annoyance was surfacing from the duct just to be shot down by two shotgun blasts from a nearby grunt, meaning I had to traverse the long duct yet again.

Recently Hezus' has been releasing, as some say, far too many overrated maps that lack that 'oomf' that the official SC maps have. Bridge2k is actually an early map of Hezus', created way before the weird "stay-on-sci-head" map, or the huuuuuuugely overpopulated Hazard Course. In my opinion even with all the new maps Hezus has released, Bridge2k remains the best, due to it being the map that gave the better enjoyment factor. Ofcourse this doesn't mean the map is of amazing quality. The map lacks in any real thought, and some areas could have been dramatically
improved in terms of the look of the surroundings.

;_; This map wasn't included in any mappacks or updates and the Forum Thread for it has vanished.


  • Doesn't get boring
  • Nice layout
  • Appropriate skill level


  • Short
  • Lacks originality
  • Requires architecture and texture improvement
Score: 6.8 / 10

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