Map Review of gruntwar

Map review of Gruntwar

by BMT | April 4, 2003 | 3532 characters

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Plotline. That one word plagues people who make maps that aren't for simple deathmatch. The story has to be carefully thought out and every outcome has to be created and choose to use in the map. SvenCoop walkthrough maps are an exception. The most popular maps usually have very simple plotlines, and GruntWar is another outstanding example. The plot, as the map states in the beginning, is to journey to and into the grunts base and destroy the main computer system, nuff said.

And that's it, that's what you do, and hell does it work! You start the map with the mp5 and 5 grenades, after opening the main door via the often used retinal scanners you are instantly in the middle of a large scale battle between friendly and enemy grunts. But the friendly grunts do not pose much resistance, they are there just to keep enemy forces away from your respawn area. You and your team venture out into the fray, firing left right and centre, jumping, strafing, and it feels good.

The map continues for a little bit in an outside walkthrough manner, and the author of the map has got the respawn rates JUST right, meaning the monsters respawn 4 or 5 times before they stop spawning, giving you a feeling of achievement after the battling, rather than some other maps where the respawning just keeps going and going and you feel you are going nowhere. You then make it to the base, with which you have to fend of hordes of more grunts and some nicely placed sentry guns. After dying a few times you finally get to the door, you press the button, MORE grunts come out! Fight fight fight. At this point of the interview you are probably thinking "Pssh just constant grunt battles". But no, for some strange reason its all fun in this map, the way the map works just makes constant grunt fighting seem highly entertaining!

So it continues into the base, you go down an elevator shaft, you run into your friendly grunts again, and you keep fighting till you get to the main computer system, which is basically just aload of computer textured brushes to which you must, to everyones delight, absolutely blow the hell out of, yey for destruction.

So everyone assumes the map will end and everything will be alright, but noooo in one last effort to challenge the players the author puts a self destruct sequence in, eeek! So if you want to be the king of the server and retain your perfect score, you gotta get yo ass outta the base as fast as you can, and i mean fast, as soon as your turn your back and start runnnig explosions are flying everwhere and you and your brave team are… screaming and jumping and running for their lives. I have to say i've played this map about 4 times so far and each time i get caught by the explosions -_- oh well maybe next time.

More on the detail of the map, well its a typical outside area converging with a typical inside area, the rocks are done superbly and the textures are used fabulously. Weapon ammunition is placed at the right places, as are all the grunts and sentry guns. Decals on walls add to the atmosphere inside and the lighting makes for a great looking military base.


  • Incredibly fun to play
  • Good layout
  • Average architecture and texturing
  • You get to smash some place to bits ;)


  • Could have had more detail in architecture
  • Could have been longer
Score: 8.2 / 10

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