Map Review of forgotten-secret-lab

by dunkelschwamm | December 29, 2021 | 2299 characters

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The great Robootto strikes again with another baffling half-attempt at a map.

The map begins with a hallway full of respawning zombies and weapons. The players must use the gauss gun to jump out of the hallway, right around where the zombies are set to respawn, out of a pit which has a non-functional ladder brush leading out of it. After moving through a long, flashing hallway and battling in a large room with a voltigore, you will find yourself surrounding a large structure. On one side of the structure there will be respawning zombies. On the other side there will be a gonarch. At the far end there are gonomes guarding what I can only assume is a minimalist attempt at a burning building, which itself is full of zombies. The large structure surrounded by zombies and a gonarch also has male assassins inside and dozens of seemingly hostile rats.

That's the map. There's not much in the way of any kind of progression or pacing. There's a map, it has monsters in it, the player can work their way around and probably kill a bunch of them with the tons of weapons laying around.

Like many Robootto maps, the brushwork and use of textures is often strange and nonrepresentative of any relatable imagery. However, a Romanesque structure with pillars at its front, a brushwork signature, the flashing tunnel, and the bizarre simplistic burning building at least give this map something memorable to take away from it.

As with most Robootto maps, this has low functionality and is mostly frustrating and strange throughout. If you are running a server or looking to play with friends, I would stay far away from this.


  • Some interesting brushwork here and there.
  • Lotsa weapons.


  • The respawning enemies are placed in bizarre, blatant, and inconvenient locations.
  • The map fails to justify itself in style, pacing, entertainment, or satisfaction.
  • The map overall feels unfinished.
  • There are no challenges offered other than rooms that happen to have monsters in them.
Score: 1.8 / 10
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